Схема osram 2554222

схема osram 2554222
Если вы не согласны с этим, пожалуйста, покажите в тексте существенность излагаемого материала. В противном случае раздел может быть удалён. Repairing of these lamps not pay off, because price of cheaper types are very low now and price of human work is much higher. There exists other variants like a 2SC2611, 2SC2482, BD128, BD127, but I am not sure if they will be long-life.

Wiring is less cheated than others. It has coil L2 for blocking HF interference and capacitor C1 for voltage 1200V, which is very much stressed. Original transistors are not available on our market. If doesn’t matter size of case TO220, it’s possible to use transistors MJE13007. Mechanical construction Lamp is usually compounded of two parts. Photography of opened Philips lamp. IKEA 7W Lamp IKEA 7W has classic wiring like a Luxar 11W. Component values are modified to a lower power. Disassembled light bulb. PHILIPS GENIE 14W This bulb has almost identical circuit to their 11W variant. It has two additional protect dioded D6 and D7. Values of few components are a little changed.

Compact fluorescent lamp use vacuum pipe similar to classic strip lamp and princip of energy transformation to light is same. When the pipe is old, there can be overburned one of filaments and lamp doesn’t lights up anymore. Menu Introduction Compact fluorescent lamps have some benefits in comparison with classic light bulbs. It is lower power consumption (to 80%) and much longer lifetime (5 to 15 times). Disadvantages are longer starts mainly at more expensive types, impossibility to use darker and price.

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